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    La Isla de las Munecas - an Island filled with hundreds of hanging, decomposing, decapitated dolls, Mexico City.

    Over fifty years ago, Don Julian Santana left his wife and child and moved onto an island on Teshuilo Lake in the Xochimilco canals. According to some, a young girl actually drowned in the lake, while most others, including his relatives, say Don Julian Santana merely imagined the drowned girl. Regardless, Don Julian Santana devoted his life to honoring this lost soul in a unique, fascinating, and - for some - unnerving way: he collected and hung up dolls by the hundreds. Eventually, Don Julian transformed the entire island into a kind of bizarre, horrifying, doll-infested wonderland.

    Don Julian Santana began collecting lost dolls from the canals and the trash near his island home. He is also said to have traded produce he grew to locals for more dolls. Santana did not clean up the dolls or attempt to fix them, but rather put them up with missing eyes and limbs, covered in dirt, and generally in whatever ramshackle state he found them in. Even when dolls arrived in good shape, the wind and weather turned them into cracked and distorted versions of themselves.

    Don Julian also kept his cabin filled with the dolls, which he dressed in headdresses, sunglasses, and other accoutrement. Despite the fact that most people found the isle frightening, Don Julian saw the dolls as beautiful protectors, and he welcomed visitors, whom he would show around, charging a small fee for taking photos.

    In 2001 Don Julian Santana was found drowned in the same area in which he believed the little girl had died.

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    Erin M.Riley Brooklyn, NY based artist uses traditional tapestry techniques to explore women’s sexuality in its more intimate facets. 

    My work is the culmination of research into addiction, sexual experimentation, popular internet culture, the effects of single parent households, socio-economic status’ etc. I am drawn to the images taken for private exchanges that become littered on the internet. I am using my own images that I have sent to lovers as well as the objects that I have formed psychological attachments to, objects that have impacted people’s lives, displays of arrests, deaths, addictions.

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    Jason DeMarte born 1973 in Louisiana, is an established artist teaching as a tenure track faculty in photography at Eastern Michigan University. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums, both nationally and internationally, currently is represented by Rule Gallery in Denver Colorado, Clamp Art in NYC and Wessel Snyman Creative in Cape Town, South Africa.

    I work digitally, combining images of fabricated and artificial flora and fauna with graphic elements and commercially produced products such as processed food, domestic goods and pharmaceutical products. I look at how these seemingly unrelated and absurd groupings and composites begin to address attitudes and understandings of the contemporary experience.

    I represent the natural world through completely unnatural elements to speak metaphorically and symbolically of our mental separation from what is “real”, and compare and contrast this with the consumer world we surround ourselves with as a consequence.

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    Works by South African artist Loyiso Mkize

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    Stereoscopic GIFs with Apple Maps. 

  12. Vanscapes by Alison Turner
    Vanscapes by Alison Turner
    Vanscapes by Alison Turner
    Vanscapes by Alison Turner
    Vanscapes by Alison Turner
    Vanscapes by Alison Turner
    Vanscapes by Alison Turner
    Vanscapes by Alison Turner
    Vanscapes by Alison Turner

  14. "Evil spawns evil. The first experience of torture gives an understanding of the pleasure in tormenting others."
    — Mikhail Lermontov, A Hero of Our Time (via fyodors)

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