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  2. Marc Alberghina | posted by moshita.org
    Marc Alberghina | posted by moshita.org
    Marc Alberghina | posted by moshita.org
    Marc Alberghina | posted by moshita.org



    Marc Alberghina


  3. "Lies will flow from my lips, but there may perhaps be some truth mixed up with them; it is for you to seek out this truth and decide whether any part of it is worth keeping."
    — Virginia Woolf, from A Room Of One’s Own (via childofalibrarian)

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    Photography by Anton Surkov

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    Before They Pass Away. Photographer Jimmy Nelson traveled around the earth to try and document the world’s most secluded tribes. 

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    Stanley Casselman

    Stanley Casselman received a Bachelors of Art from Pitzer College, California. In his work he reveals the tranquility in the subtle change of coloured streams of light using acrylic on polyester fabric adds a textured surface to the work as the light seeps through it, capturing the viewer’s attention for the duration of the cycle and beyond. The curiosity in understanding our surrounding and purpose entrenched in the artist’s practice is evident in his strive to capture the ethereal in a lucid form. As Casselman states “The who, what, where, why and how questions began for me in my childhood. Following these notions has put me on a path embracing limitless thought and combined with the deeply cathartic nature of the creative process I’m kept questioning, humbled and ever striving to embrace the unknown through the only place I find absolute logic: pure abstraction”

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    Coffee porn.     

    (Cinemagraphs and gifs from this cool article.)

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    Philippines-based artist Louie Cordero combines monsters and zombies from Filipino mythology with blood, gore, military imagery with images that reflect American, Spanish, and Asian influences on indigenous cultures.

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    Wu Jian’an uses hand-dyed cut paper to meld traditional chinese art with the contemporary.

    1. Deer-man, 2013

    2. The Heaven of Nine Levels, 2008

    3. Xiangtian Dance, 2010 

    4. Riding Wind, 2012

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    1800s Week!

    Ilya Repin

    Negrityanka (Negress)


    Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

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    Since it’s a 19th century week, I wanted to share something I saw in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. I really don’t know much anything about this painting, exept that it’s probably painted either in St. Petersburg or in Paris, where Repin moved in 1876. Here's the wikipaintings page of the painting, and this is where I found the image.

  13. Patrick Willocq: On the road from Bikoro to Bokonda (Western DRC)

    *I don’t usually reblog but lensculture has done another feature on Willocq and he deserved more attention. 

    Willocq, through long term immersion in these villages, worked with the Batwa Pygmies and Bantu life in the province of Equateur (DRC) to create poignant images depicting complex themes on education, religion, the relationship between men and women, the role of the forest and globalization. These ‘bush theatres’ are artistically driven but yet reflect fundamental social problems and development needs.

    Artist Statement via lensculture:

    […] I also wanted to go beyond images conveyed by Western media and show a Congo that we are not used to see because too often buried in images of war. I specifically wanted to witness the peace that prevails in the West, a different reality than the Eastern Congo. A reality that Western media regularly focus on and, although dramatic, stigmatizes the whole country.

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  14. "Race is not a biological category that naturally produces health disparities because of genetic differences. Race is a political category that has staggering biological consequences because of the impact of social inequality on people’s health."
    — Dorothy E. Roberts, Fatal Intervention (via betheintrepid)

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    Ivan Prieto is a young Spanish artist (sculptor and illustrator) based in Berlin focused on creation of weird, bizarre and mysterious characters. His sculptures are exceptionally thought-provoking and disturbing. The characters often have gruesome, stirring and grotesque expressions…

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